Statistics show that youth who age out of foster care, without being reunited with family or adopted into a loving home, are more likely to face a life of incarceration, homelessness, poverty or involvement with abusive relationships. Every kid has a dream, but for many, their dreams are dying.

Jobs for Life™ has developed a unique 8-week curriculum tailored to youth ages 15-20. Powered for Life™ is a powerful tool to lead young people in our community to know who God is, uncover their gifts and talents, live with hope and a sense of purpose, and help them dream for the future.



In addition to job readiness skills, students will gain a biblical understanding of their identity and value. We are made in God’s image with unique skills and abilities. He loves us, has a purpose and plan for our lives, and wants to be in relationship with us.


Students will have the opportunity to develop strong character. Following God’s design for us to live in faith, perseverance, obedience, and love allows us to rise above difficult circumstances and develop strong character. Character is the most important feature we can offer our employer.


In addition to the training, every JfL student has a JfL champion (a mentor or a group of mentors) who provides the student friendship and support both during the training and following graduation. With this training and support system, we can provide a reliable, trustworthy workforce to meet the pressing employment needs of companies in our area.


How to overcome roadblocks

Conflict resolution skills

Resumes/Interviewing skills

Customer service satisfaction

Higher educational opportunities

Locating summer/part-time entry-level jobs

Their God-given gifts and purpose

Building healthy relationships

Strengthening communication skills

Managing conflict

Business and community resources

Earning money for a secure future

Right choices that lead to success

How to live by faith


The success of the Powered for Life™ program is built on strong community partnerships. Below are a few examples of how the community works together to ensure success for our students.

The Local Church:

Class Instructors

Site Leaders

Personal Mentors (Champions)

Meeting Space

Local Businesses:

Class Presenters

Employment Opportunities

Internship/Experience Opportunities


Class Meals

Scholarship Fund

Community Resources

Computers, Professional Attire, and Other Support to Program Graduates

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​Teens who age out of foster care are immediately faced with the unknown. Let them know they’re not alone.​

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